Environmental Commitments - Talisman Thermocure

An alarming global warming over our planet, an environmentally friendly coating has to play key role in saving our planet. The fundamental feature of choosing a coating is its look, stability, cost and environmental shock, and we can present best possible selection in every class. Talisman Thermocure Powder Coatings does not contain Volatile Organic Components, generate fewer wastes during application than liquid coatings and controlled particle sizing offer less dusting make further environmental benefits and also to the individuals.

Talisman Thermocure Powder coatings is committed to being a responsible to our customers, our employees and within our industry with regard to the prevention of pollution, the continual improvement of environmental management programs

Our responsibility is to:

  • Provide our customers with products that meet environmental regulation
  • Set objectives to reduce emissions, waste and the use of natural resources
  • Manage programs to meet environmental objectives
  • Promote employee participation in environmental programs
  • Maintain an environmental management system